Youth Today - Investing in Tomorrow

Youth Today-Investing in Tomorrow ("Youth Today") is a broad-based philanthropic program adopted by Assistance League of Coppell in spring 2000. Its intent is to sponsor and create programs in partnership with the Coppell Independent School District that encourage healthy choices for the youth in Coppell.

Prior to adopting Youth Today as a program, the members of Assistance League of Coppell recognized a need in the community for substance abuse prevention among our children. Coppell is a young, affluent community with a large number of school-age children. The school district is considered one of the best in the state, so families are drawn here. With the large number of young people and the ready access to money, we knew that the temptation to use and abuse drugs and alcohol is strong.

From the beginning, Youth Today's goal has been to incorporate a number and variety of programs designed to help our children make the right choices. Youth Today has continued to fund and expand programs aimed at supporting and encouraging healthy lifestyles for our children. Youth Today programs include:

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