Drug Testing Kits


Coppell Assistance League members show and hand out Drug Testing Kits at Coppell Chamber of Commerce Fall Market Expo.

Assistance League of Coppell distributes free drug testing kits to concerned parents in Coppell through the middle and high schools or by contacting Assistance League of Coppell via email, on the ALC website, or through an Assistance League of Coppell member.  Tests are designed to be used by parents at home.  Many parents are taking the kits to give their teens a way to "save face" if pressured by others to try drugs.  Discretion is always a priority. 

Each kit includes a testing cup for the 10 most commonly used drugs by Coppell teens (including synthetic marijuana), a saliva alcohol strip, instructions for all tests, test result interpretation information on each drug, drug lists and side effects, resources, and a list of how long drugs typically stay in a body.

Last school year Assistance League of Coppell distributed 173 free drug testing kits.  All donations to help cover the cost of these kits are appreciated.  Donations may be made any time on the Assistance League of Coppell website.

Email us to obtain a kit or for more information.

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