Fatal Vision® Goggles


A student is attempting to steer a vehicle while wearing Fatal Vision Goggles.

Fatal Vision goggles are specially designed and manufactured to simulate the visual impairment caused by alcohol or other drugs. Viewing through the goggles is rather clear, but confusing to the mind. The wearer experiences a loss of equilibrium, which is one of the effects of intoxication. Both the wearer and those observing become convinced that such impairment makes activities with known risks, such as driving vehicles, very dangerous.

The principle underlying the Fatal Vision Program is to demonstrate how quickly impairment can turn fun into devastating consequences. Program materials will help put this dynamic principle into action. When people experience impairment first-hand while trying to do a task, the lesson sticks. Research shows that those who learn from hands-on experience retain two to four times more than those who learn from just listening or listening and seeing.

Assistance League of Coppell introduces these goggles to Forensic Science and Teen Leadership classes at Coppell High School. We have also presented at New Tech@Coppell and Victory Place@Coppell. Students are encouraged to try on goggles simulating various levels of blood alcohol impairment.  The school resource officer provides lined floor mats to walk on while wearing the glasses simulating trying to walk a straight line, drive on a curved road, and walk up steps while impaired.


Coppell High School Junior Tate Trueblood attempts to "walk the line" during a Fatal Vision Goggles demonstration provided by ALC at a Young Men's Service League meeting. Other YMSL members looking on include Josh Fink, Pierce Dalton and Shane Steiger.


Thank you Officer Freeman for helping display fatal vision goggles at Victory Place.

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